Personal Training

Personalised and focused for you.

I’m passionate about helping women feel strong and confident. No more quick-fix crash diets or extreme training plans. I will help you find a healthy balance of keeping active, healthy and enjoying life’s indulgences.

I deliver all my sessions remotely using online video software running on your device (a computer, tablet or phone), so an internet connection is a must.

TESTIMONIAL "Fab Girl Fitness workouts have been amazing! Shannon’s positive, creative and really great at making workouts that challenge and provide results. Thank you." person_pin REA TESTIMONIAL "I loved that workout as it had full body exercises in it which is just what I need at the moment...and a high heart rate after all of the non-essential cake I’ve been eating during lockdown! I’ll definitely be doing more workouts this week, I feel so much better!" person_pin KATIE TESTIMONIAL "Thank you for your lockdown workouts. I’ve absolutely loved them and they really got me through those early weeks. And all of the pregnancy modifications were really appreciated!" person_pin SIAN