Zoka – PT

Being the same age as Madonna, I have always thought that age should not prevent me from being healthy, happy and sexy. However, long working hours, the stress of work and family life, tempting food and attractive TV programmes have distracted me from that goal. I was a gym member but I rarely went there. With neither a plan nor enthusiasm, my efforts to exercise were without any positive results—until I met Shannon three months ago. Since then, Shannon has created a plan of how I can increase strength, improve my posture and burn fat tissue. We have worked hard, but it has never been unbearable or even difficult. Stretching at the end of a session helps a lot, and I never experience muscle pain after the sessions.

Actually, I look forward to having a session with Shannon after a hard day of work. It is never boring, and every session has something new and challenging. She uses the time very effectively by alternating exercises and the muscles involved. For example, if my legs are tired, we work on core or arm muscles while the legs are recovering. Shannon’s positive energy is contagious.

After just three months of exercising, I am much slimmer without having to diet, and my posture is amazing. I am physically and mentally stronger and my confidence level is unbelievable. If someone had told me earlier that exercising could improve my social life, I would not have believed it, but that is what happened to me.