NSengupta – PT

I initially embarked on Shannon’s ski fit programme for my upcoming annual skiing trip. My friends are all running nuts and a heck of a lot fitter than me, and over the last few years I’ve felt that I’ve slowed the party down by needing to stop half way down a mountain to catch my breath and regularly needing to take a moment to ease the lactic burn in my legs. Not this year! My fitness levels were back to where they were 6 years ago¬†when I was training regularly, but better than that was the complete absence of any lactic burn attacks. I felt so much better on the mountain than in previous years and all my friends were asking what I’d been doing to get so fit!

We’ve carried on our sessions since my skiing trip and I’ve been getting stronger and fitter. I’ve also been listening to Shannon’s nutrition advice and trying to take that on board too. The proof is in the pudding and I had my work annual medical last week, a comprehensive three hour BUPA check over. I couldn’t have been happier with the results – on the blood side my previously raised uric acid and cholesterol levels are now below average, my body fat percentage is down 7%, my ECG fitness levels (I was wired up on a treadmill) are up, my strength tests are up and my spine shape whilst holding weights is much better aligned – which apparently shows that my core stability has also improved. Fantastic!