Subina – PT

I started working out with Shannon post 30 and post baby! This was the first time I had decided to take exercise seriously and was very nervous and hesitant about taking personal training sessions simply because I had never been a serious gym person. But after just 2-3 sessions with Shannon I was fully converted and exercise became a choice rather than a chore. I have exercised sporadically over the years and used personal trainers before but never stuck it out until I met Shannon. She made exercise interesting and innovative and her knowledge and experience as well as tailor made programme for my personal goals were all listened to and taken seriously.

Shannon’s motivation and variety of exercise really pushed me beyond my comfort zone but this is what helped me reach my goals and the results have been remarkable, she not only helped me achieve the best shape I have been in years but also gave me that extra spring in my step. An hour with Shannon is always focused, fun and intensive and the best investment I ever made. Thanks Shannon!